Saturday, August 04, 2012

OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi with Composite Video

I've been trying to get OpenELEC to work on Raspberry Pi via the composite video output to no avail. I've read from older posts that rpi-cecd should not be started, yet with the build I've been testing (r11707) there is no rpi-cecd.  Further checking XBMC's log (~/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log) revealed that CEC is enabled by XBMC regardless.  So I had to dig further.

I eventually located the configuration file, and you'd have to give up CEC (if you switch between HDMI and composite video) to make it compatible.  And here is how:
  1. Start up OpenELEC
  2. Connect from a remote computer via ssh to openelec as user root (default password is openelec)
  3. Edit (with vi) the file /storage/.xbmc/userdata/peripheral_data/rpi_2708_1001.xml
  4. Find the line , and change the value to "0"
  5. Save
  6. Reboot

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